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Data Migration Software – What Possible Data Issues a Company May Face (Part 1)

Well, we will like to begin this series and share it with you to help you understand data migration software and their necessity in your business. In the first, we will talk about the possible issues and the target business requirements to get prepared for enabling a data migration software within your business system.

There are a number of data migration consulting services and they often advise you to upgrade your data to an advanced technology. As you run the business on an old system, hence providing optimized customer solutions become a big trouble.

What is data migration all about?

Data migration is nothing but the movement of data from one set of application to another and it is particularly complex. Where the applications never designed to interact and share little to no common structure or a particular definition.

Further, the data migration consulting services are of the opinion that the complexity of the task gradually increases due to many data quality issues that might be there already in the legacy system. However, this normally becomes apparent when you validate the same against the technical and functional validation rules as set by the target system.

Do remember that migrating data of insufficient quality not only causes data pollution in the new technology but in most of the cases and instances we have seen that it leads to all sorts of data issues. It prevents the data to upload by the automated data migration software.

Data thus will be unable to meet the minimum quality requirement and will fall under rejection by the data migration software. You will find that either requires manual correction before you resubmit it to the data migration software or into the target system. You will find them feasible when the number falls out. For ensuring successful data migration, consulting service makes sure of the readiness of the data. It should stay prepared beforehand.

How We Help in Readiness of Data?

What are the possible data issues one might face with the old legacy systems?

As per the data migration consulting services, the motto of data migration software is to move data from a source system to a target system. This is done to support the target business processes. Therefore, the source data should stay validated against the target system. In this validation process, one should check whether the data is complete, accurate and valid.

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What requirements data migration software needs for your target system?

You will find that that in the target system the technical validation is built-in. Therefore, if the source data does not meet the minimum quality level, then the target system will reject the data. Examples such as –

  • The values should not go missing in the mandatory check fields 
  • All date value in date format and phone number with only numbers are accepted, if not entered in a manner suggested then - this type of data quality domain causes a type of pollution called – technical pollution.
  • The salary level should not be below legal minimum wage. The users should be 18 years and above. If a user fails to enter data in these criteria, it causes functional data pollution. 
After technical validation, there are certain business processes that will put constraints on the validity of the data. Such as appearance of an old product or a product description, that appears a number of times in various product groups. Here both have to be technically valid and accepted by the target system. However, from a business perspective factually incorrect data is something that the data migration software does not accept. This type of data pollution is known as substantive pollution.

In the next part of the series, we will be discussing the methods to identify the data issues. How data migration software tackles it all will be there in our next data migration checklist series.


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